Data Governance
for your Apps

A platform that allows you to share

data without risk


Keep you data protected, everywhere

Lattice Security enables employees to work from anywhere, ensuring companies are safe from data breaches. With Lattice Security’s platform you can instantly know when and where valuable data is created, shared and secure at a paragraph or cell level.

Our platform enables any application to:

We classify your data

Your problem

Every security solution has a different approach to classifying and protecting the data:
How do you know the value of the data you create and share?

Our solution

• Lattice Security platform provides a single approach to classifying data
• Lattice Security uses Machine Leaning and Artificial Intelligence to classify content, while other solutions relay on human verification or rules
• Lattice Security provides users the context of data created to determine accuracy of a classification

We protect your content


Your problem

Sharing documents and using collaboration applications expose valuable data to threats:
How can you be sure that your organization's data is secure?

Our solution

• Lattice Security protects your data the moment it is created
• Lattice Security protects data directly within applications
• Lattice Security provides granular protection, down to the paragraph, sentence or cell level across any application

We make it easy to integrate

Your problem

The pace of application development leaves data protection solutions with an almost impossible task:
How to identify how data is being used and how it moves throughout an organization?

Our solution

• Lattice Security is a SaaS platform built for API integration
• Lattice Security is SDK enabled
• Lattice Security makes it easy to embed data protection to new applications developed on any platform