Lattice Collaboration Protection



Leverage Lattice Security’s artificial intelligence classification platform to discover valuable data and meet compliance. Customers can easily define a human-readable policy, which then Lattice converts to sophisticated algorithms to classify data.

Lattice Collaboration Protection allows customers to instantly classify content as it is created in list of support collaboration applications. Customers can also run a scan of all content located in their cloud storage to instantly see the data risk level.

Customers can now effectively and immediately understand what type of material is located, where it is located and who has access to it, and to start developing a data protection policy or to meet strict regulations like GDPR/HIPAA etc. Once you know where data is, you can enforce the protection capabilities of the native application used by users. All of this is possible without the need to install agents or appliance, meaning customers can see their data heat map the moment the integration is enabled via Crystal Admin UI.


Protection for Collaboration applications

  • Easy to enable protection for the main collaboration applications available
  • Office 365 Or GSuite and Google Drive or One Drive + Dropbox or  Box
  • Slack
  • Atlassian Products

Discovery Services

  • Lattice provides unpreceded accuracy on the classification of data by only using Machine Learning, no user intervention
  • Customers can easily view where in their network sensitive data exists and who and when it was last accessed

Discovery and Protection Services

  • Lattice invokes the inbuilt RBAC policies of integrated applications, included SSO and Encryption integration
  • Customers can enhance their visibility to include how their sensitive data is protected, the moment it is created