Lattice SDK/API Services


Lattice Security allows the safeguard of data into custom applications. Deployment is fast and easy, as it can be embedded into any application with just 5 lines of code. Once the service is embedded data is instantly protected, from the moment it is uploaded or created in a custom application, ensuring that only the right people have access to valuable data.

  • As customers and their application teams start developing their earth-shattering application, they can easily integrate all or one of the services to ensure data is protected from the day they roll-out the app!
  • With this option, customers can integrate applications into their existing DLP solutions. Lattice will ensure that these policies are applied to the data within the applications post integrating the Lattice SDK
  • Customers can report what and how data it is protected for these custom integrations

1. Concept

2. Interaction

3. Design

4. Development


+ Lattice Security

= Data protection enabled application

Classification Services

  • API driven service to help classify data entered into the application
  • Customers create a ‘what to protect’ classification profile that is converted into various AI/ML algorithms and invoked for any data seen by the application

Encryption Services

  • Lattice provides encryption to protect customers’ data.
  • Customers can encrypt sections of data using their own keys

Access Control Services

  • Network Enforcement Service
  • Services that allow customers to use the network to enforce RBAC service
  • Can be achieved by integration Network providers (Cisco/Forescout/Etc.)