Smart Collaboration

Share your data securely

With Lattice platform you can secure your documents, completely agnostic to where they are being stored or how content is distributed and accessed. Whether via email or file sync and share platforms, on-premise or in the cloud, Smart Collaboration provides protection that travels with the data, all the way to its intended audience, no matter where that data goes.

Lattice Security accurately classifies sections of unstructured data at the point of creation, tracking access and actions performed before enforcing policy restrictions. Because Lattice security is embedded in the collaboration application, it provides instant visibility of what is being typed and of events that are being performed, enabling Lattice to track data as it moves across applications and users. This allows organizations to implement data access policy not simply at the file level, but at the paragraph, or even sentence level within a file.

The Lattice platform allows a single document to be shared among collaborators, and controls who can access specific sections of the document.

How we enable secure collaboration