Who we are

We are people that want to help

We are a team with 20 years+ Cyber Security industry experience, and we are passionate about finding solutions that make a difference.

As the founding team there is a fundamental link between us: we want to help people, that’s who we are. Of course the business aspect of this venture excites us, we accept challenges and tick them off! But we are doing this because we want to help – that’s our WHY. We want to understand how we can improve someone’s life, be that of our customers or the people that want to join us on our journey.

Our mission is to protect ideas the moment they are created, enabling collaboration and protecting companies from data breaches.

How it all started

The journey for Lattice started from a problem that I had when I was working as a Product Manager.

The way we collaborated annoyed me, that process of sharing different sections of a document by breaking up the master and ending up with 15 different versions, and then spending hours putting the document back together… Only to find that we still had additional feedback!

I knew there had to be a better way. I came across Google Docs. The problem? Our employer did not want to use Google Docs to create such documents, sounds familiar?

That frustrating experience made me realize how the way to work together is not keeping up with the technology development.

Collaboration should be smooth and secure so that we can all focus on more important things like sharing our ideas. That’s why I decided to build something that would make collaborating easier without having to worry about security.